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About David Pompa

How was Studio David Pompa born? Where does your inspiration come from? Where and how is it published? Learn more about our artist HERE!

How was Studio David Pompa born?

Studio davidpompa was born from the desire to create contemporary design with a strong commitment to Mexican identity. We seek to transmit our passion for Mexico through processes where we merge its essence with something new to achieve simple and unique objects, piece by piece.

Where does inspiration come from and for what purpose?

The idea of ​​working with Mexican craftsmanship began with a trip to Oaxaca in 2009 where David saw artisans working with “Black Clay” for the first time. Since then, we are committed as a studio to creating accessible design objects that are produced under the highest quality standards.

The deep respect for the natural materials of Mexico leads us to reinterpret different ancient techniques to create unique pieces.

What sets DP products apart?

Our goal is to create contemporary design with an intriguing aesthetic and a concept with character. The products are designed with the aim of achieving collections that transcend time.

We assemble each product by hand in Colonia Roma Norte, the heart of Mexico City.

Go learn more about their exhibitions at DESIGN WEEK in Milan, London and CDMX here!

Remember that you can purchase their products with us! Nitidos MX


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